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T&C's Terminos y Condiciones

Following are the Terms and conditions to which you, “the USER” agree to comply and accept related to the use of the SEEKERS FALLS online reservation platform, as well as the terms and conditions of use of the facilities of SEEKERS FALLS® and AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA hereinafter “AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA”
By registering, accessing or otherwise using this website, and/or by purchasing the entrance ticket to AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA, the User agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions set forth below. The mere use of this website implies knowledge and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions:

1. Terms of Use for the Online Service:

•The USER hereby declares that the purchase has been made by a person of legal age (18 years) with the legal capacity to act in a binding manner.
• For underage USERS, the purchase has been made by a responsible adult, who accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of the minor (under the age of 18).
• The USER must include all the contact information of the person who will use the facilities of the AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA. The USER guarantees that the information is true and true

• AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA guarantees that the USER´s personal information will be used only for the purposes detailed in these Terms and Conditions.
• The USER must pay the amount detailed in the official communication site in order to be allowed to enter and use the facilities and installations of AWA MUSEO DEL

• The entrance fee does not include any taxes. All taxes wil be added at the time of payment.
• If the payment is generated from abroad, your financial institution may impose additional fees or charges for international transactions.
• Cancellation policy. AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA will refund the amount charged only in the event that the cancellation is made at least 48 hours before the reserved date. Otherwise, AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA will offer the User the possibility of rescheduling their visit for another date, which must be within the following thirty days from the date of the initial reservation.

• AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA is not responsible for communication failures, errors, difficulties, or other malfunctions related to the provision of the internet service, nor is it responsible for lost, stolen or misdirected transactions, transmissions, messages or entries in the Service or in connection with it by virtue of said failures.

• AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA may communicate with the User via email, whatsapp direct messaging, by using the information provided by the User at the time of registration.

2. Terms of use. AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA facilities

• The USER acknowledges that participating in the activities and tours within AWA MUSEUM could imply a series of risks that User recognizes as possible and that may cause physical and emotional injuries which are inherent to the activity and cannot be eliminated, even using the greater diligence. These risks include: falls, slips, scrapes, bruises, sprains, dizziness, cervical injuries, broken legs or arms and bruises and others not detailed in this document.
• Entering the facilities under the influence of alcohol or any type of narcotic is prohibited. AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA reserves the right of admission whenever its staff considers, at its discretion, that a person is not suitable to participate in the

AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA experience.

• Likewise, the consumption of alcoholic beverages and any type of drug or narcotic substance is prohibited during the User’s visit to AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA.
• The User acknowledges that AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA is located in the natural environment of Costa Rica in which insects, snakes, peacocks, squirrels, spiders and a variety of other potentially dangerous wildlife species abound.
• AWA MUSEO Del AGUA will take all the possible precautions and care actions to protect the users of the service, giving the appropriate notices and informing the Users of the state of its facilities and the weather. However, the User understands and accepts that landslides, falling stones and flooding are also common, therefore, AWA MUSEO Del AGUA will not be responsible for the effects that any of these events cause in any given visit.

• The User agrees to participate in the activities, tours, and or hikes only if he is medically, physically and mentally capable of doing so. The USER states that they are in good physical condition without recent surgery, heart disease, asthma, pregnancy, or other injury or illness, and that if USER suffers from any of these conditions, this must be informed in writing to AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA and its staff since this implies an increase in the risk of the activity. Nonetheless, in the event something happens, the User will assume full responsibility for direct damages.
• Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times during their visit to AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA.

3. Limitation of Liability.

• User understands and accepts that they have been duly informed of the risks detailed in the previous section, as well as the impossibility of completely eliminating any and all risks related to the visit, and acknowledges that their participation and admission to AWA MUSEO Del AGUA is completely and absolutely voluntary.
• Therefore, User declares that in the event that any of the risks detailed above materialize and cause any damage, the User voluntarily and definitively releases AWA MUSEO Del AGUA its shareholders and staff from civil, criminal and administrative liability, undertaking to keep the operation free of claims, causes or action.
• With the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to assume each and every one of the risks or responsibilities that may arise from their visit to AWA MUSEO Del AGUA and agrees to defend, indemnify and hold AWA MUSEO Del AGUA its employees, staff, and shareholders harmless from and against any and all liabilities, claims, demands, expenses, and costs (including, without limitation, reasonable outside attorneys’ fees) arising from such participation in the activities described herein.
• The User releases AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA from any claim, controversy, action, cause of action, counterclaim, counterclaim, demand, debt, compensatory damages, liquidated damages, punitive or exemplary damages, other damages, claims for costs and attorneys’ fees, or liabilities of any nature in law and equity, past, present and future that arise from your visit to AWA MUSEO Del AGUA.

4. Additional Provisions

• Image rights. The User expressly grants AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA a free universal and perpetual license to photograph and reproduce their image, likeness and voice (whether in a fixed or moving camera) derived only from the User’s visit to AWA MUSEO Del AGUA and the use of its facilities and tours, whether in marketing materials, advertisements, use on the AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA website as well as on its social networks.
• Force Majeure. Except for obligations to pay money hereunder, no delay, failure or omission by either party to perform or observe any of its obligations hereunder shall be deemed a breach of these Terms and Conditions if and for as long as such delay, failure to perform or omission arises from any cause beyond that party’s reasonable control.
• Terms and Conditions Update. We may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Any update will be duly communicated and reflected on the AWA MUSEO DEL AGUA website. The date provided at the bottom of these Terms and Conditions is the last revision date. Changes to these Terms and Conditions will be effective once such changes are posted on this website. Your continued use of this website following the posting of changes or updates will be deemed notification of your agreement to comply with and be bound by these Terms and Conditions.