Welcome to AWA The Water Museum.

Welcome to AWA

The first museum of water in Costa Rica, AWA is a tribute to the science and magic of

Water is life.

We are water. It is often said that humans are about 70% water, but this measured by weight.  Consider this – of all the molecules in your body, 99% are H2O. 

Join us on a magnificent journey to discover the molecules of life.


The science of water includes conservation and energy, ecosystems and climate.  One of the most startling properties of water is its liquid crystalline structure.  Water forms clusters of vibrating molecules, with properties that are very different from bulk water.  Get a new perspective.


Costa Rica is powered by the forces of nature.  Flowing water creates hydroelectricity and flowing lava yields geothermal power.  These blessings have made this place the greenest nation on Earth.  Connect with water in nature.


Immerse yourself in a natural paradise, with a series of waterfalls that drives the cycle of life. Touch it and feel it.  Dive and swim, walk and climb, be inspired and be moved.  Give yourself an incredible experience


This secluded park is located 60km south of San Jose, 20km from the Pacific coast, between the surfing and fishing in Jaco and idyllic Manuel Antonio national park.  We are far from the crowds, in the farming community of La Gloria.


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Visitor Center:  8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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